And we said................I DO!

To begin this journey you have to have some history. After about 5 years, Jim finally proposed! He said he didn't want to rush me (I think we're safe there!). So, almost a year later (don't want to rush) we got married, on May 12th 2007. A very small wedding in our backyard; 11 people counting us and officiated by one of my closest friends (yes, ordained online). The next day we headed out on our honeymoon. A road trip down the coast line into California to Disneyland, then over to Las Vegas, up to Reno and back home in three wonderful weeks! And who thought that 8 months later we’d be moving to our very own horse property but, that’s exactly what happened!! Sometimes, childhood dreams do come true!! So, here begins our journey…..

January 2008-We were just window shopping.

Back in October 2007 we weren't really serious about moving. I had been driving past a place for months that was for sale and when I finally decided to look, it already had a buyer! It gave me the bug! So, we started looking at what was out there.We were just "window shopping". We had looked at a couple places but they really didn't meet our needs, and then it appeared. One of Jim's co-workers sent him a craigslist ad (yes, craigslist!) for a place set up for horses. It looked great in the pictures so I called the listing agent, Emma. 

She gave me the scoop on the place and we talked about our horses and had a great chat! Here's the funny part (one of several), she told me the property had a recreation room that used to be a dance studio. Hmmmmmm, my friend Laurel used to take Hula lessons in that exact area and those people had put the place up for sale a couple years back and Laurel had wanted us to buy it (could it be the same place??). I sent the ad to Laurel and sure enough, it was the same place being sold AGAIN!!! This time we were ready to look! We loved it right off!!! 
Well kept house, nice yard, peaceful surroundings, huge garage, rec. room, an AWESOME barn and massive arena AND round corral!!! It met almost all our wants and needs (we had a list you know)!!! And what a small world it is- we recognized the seller, Brandy, from a local horse show and as it turned out she knew some of the horse people I hung out with! Not mention that one of them lived right down the road. Loooooooong story short, we made an offer and Emma listed our other house for sale. A few weeks later, there we were making the biggest decision ever! We were pretty sure our house was sold to my beautician's daughter, Kelsee (a VERY small world!) but it wasn't final. Suddenly we had to make the decision to buy the place we wanted even if our sale fell through, otherwise we'd lose out to another buyer. There Jim and I sat in front of our computer with Emma on the phone and the signed agreement ready to email! We were right down to the last minute with Emma yelling, "JUST PUSH SEND!! "DID YOU PUSH SEND?" "OMG, JUST DO IT!!!" LOL. Obviously we pushed "send" and our house DID sell to Kelsee and the rest is history! We started packing right after Christmas, moved January 13th and a week later Jim got his horse, Jake (also from Emma)!! 
A huge, huge thank you to everyone who helped us move! We could NOT have done it without you!! That was 2 1/2 yrs ago and we love our place! Every time I ride in our arena I still can't believe it's ours. To top it off, we've become close friends with Emma and her husband, Kip. Which brings us to our journey with our horses and the Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship program!! It's way more than riding!!   :)

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