And we said................I DO!

To begin this journey you have to have some history. After about 5 years, Jim finally proposed! He said he didn't want to rush me (I think we're safe there!). So, almost a year later (don't want to rush) we got married, on May 12th 2007. A very small wedding in our backyard; 11 people counting us and officiated by one of my closest friends (yes, ordained online). The next day we headed out on our honeymoon. A road trip down the coast line into California to Disneyland, then over to Las Vegas, up to Reno and back home in three wonderful weeks! And who thought that 8 months later we’d be moving to our very own horse property but, that’s exactly what happened!! Sometimes, childhood dreams do come true!! So, here begins our journey…..

......the long awaited BBQ!

+(The belated wedding reception, home warming, happy retirement BBQ at Jim and Lisa's)

It seemed so far away when I set the date of the BBQ! But, man does time fly! That final week was a bit hectic. My mom came down Friday to help us get things ready. What a relief! And, our friend, Stan rescued me again by setting up the waterfall in our pond! Saturday morning rolled around and we hustled to get stuff going. Jim had the smoker going at 7:00 and the turkey was in it by 7:45. There was pork to shred, slaw to chop and jello to garnish, oh my. Jeanie came over and helped with the pork (and we polished off a bottle of wine. lol) and mom garnished and chopped. Stan magically showed up with picnic tables and everything came together! Guests started arriving and the cars lined up! I wondered how many cars could fit in our driveway. I didn't count them but there wasn't alot of spaces left, that's for sure. It was a fabulous BBQ if I do say so myself. The food was awesome and there was alooooooot of it! Kim totally out did herself with a new cake creation. OMG, was it a cake! It is definitely one for the record book. Frank (the mad baker) brought fabulous rolls (as usual) for the pulled pork and homemade bubbles for the kids. What fun!! There were alot of yummy dishes. Pasta salad, peach cobbler, baked beans, MMMMMM. And, I loved seeing everyone relaxing and visiting under our pine trees. We really do have a perfect BBQ setting. I love our place. :) It was especially great to see a few people whom I haven't seen in several years- my dads close friend, Ed and Ed's son, Jeff (who I grew up with); mom and Michael's friends, Bob and Mary (who I used to work with on occasion) and Loretta (an ODOT retiree) and her husband, Dick. I miss Loretta dearly so, it was wonderful to see her. It was truly a great day!

I'd like to thank Jim, Stan, Jeanie and my mom for all their help!! And thank you to all our guests. I love you all!  :)

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